Why should you buy an LED vest?

ITL Running VestNowadays, the world has become quite a risky place. The life of common people is filled with many uncertainties and dangerous ventures. A famous quote says prevention is better than cure, so it’s better to take preventive measure instead of waiting for a big accident.

Activities like cycling, walking, jogging and running which are generally carried out in dark are associated with many dangers if you are not visible properly. You can choose ITL LED vest as a permanent solution for these problems. These special vests are made to reflect light during darkness, so that the passing vehicles can see you and you remain protected from such threats. These are exclusive range light reflective vest with 2 wristbands for your safety.

Who can use this?

These vests are designed for all those people who have to work in roads during the dark, like construction workers, joggers, police, valet, night workers, cyclists, pedestrians etc. These are designed to keep their users visible and safe. Its various features and modes help in making a safe environment for the runner and help the fast vehicle drivers to decide their path in a better way.


The ITL LED is extremely light to wear, so you will not get tired easily and you will find it pretty comfortable for wearing in dark surroundings. It can be worn by any gender of all ages. With all these features it also comes with a long period of warranty too, which proves its durability. Few more features are given below:

  • Great visibility: These vests are generally having fibre optic cabling for transmitting light properly. This feature helps in providing an excellent visibility in night or dusk. You and your family members will be fully visible from a long distance, even in very low light.
  • Run on batteries: These vests run on four 3V replaceable batteries and the wristband uses 2 coin batteries of 3V each.
  • Comfortable: Generally, a common thinking is that a vest with LED will be very uncomfortable to wear but it’s not. It weighs only 0.8 oz and the material used for making the vest is light and durable too. The wristbands are also very easy to wear as they are slap on band.
  • Adjustable sizes: The vest is designed in such a way that it can be adjusted properly according to the body type and you don’t move at all during your workout.
  • Modes: These modes are operated through a button in the vest. With this button you can increase the intensity of the light or make it blink in a slow or fast manner.

If you want protection during cycling, running or jogging at night or in early morning, then you need a special protection gear for that. At these times of the day, the visibility of the road reduces a lot. If you are not properly visible to other vehicles driving on the road then it can be the cause of a big accident. So to increase your visibility, you should get these ITL LED Light Reflective Safety Vest and 2 LED Slap-On Wristbands. High Visibility Gear for Running, Cycling, Walking, Jogging and Biking for Men and Women as your gear of safety.

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