The most popular Android double dins

android car stereoAre you looking to upgrade or get your first double din? It is not an easy task to select a good double din. Don’t worry though, as we have got you covered! We have narrowed it down to the finest!

Listed below are the best android car stereo double din 2018.

Pyle – PLDNAND465

This double din comes with a waterproof rear-view camera, so you won’t waste time and money to get a separate camera! Watching videos won’t be an issue due to its sophisticated real time display. With its in-built GPS, navigation will be on your fingertips!

USB drive, DVD reader, Bluetooth and SD card are supported on this device. Formats like AVI, MP3, JPEG and MP4 are handled well.

Pioneer – AVH X3800

Here’s a great one if you are an audiophile! It is equipped with a high quality DAC that can support 24 bit files. Also, high quality audio files like AAC and FLAC can be played via USB.

With its powerful Bluetooth feature, you are able to connect two phones, which is a rare feature. It has a reasonable sized 6.2 Inch display screen, which is very responsive to touch and easy to use. Another additional feature to enhance the sound experience as it has options to control the bass!

Calls on this device are very clear due to the wired microphone which is placed outside.

Jensen VX7020

If navigation is your main priority, this is one that will give you more than what you need! It is equipped with Real time GPS, and with this feature you are able to reach your destination as soon as possible.

Its display is a high definition touch screen which is 6.2 Inches in size. It is large enough for maps and videos. Video quality is the next best thing that’s packed into this gadget, and it is visible from all angles. You will be very satisfied with the quality!

To ensure hassle-free calling and music playing, it is packed with a good Bluetooth, USB Port and a slot for micro SD has also been provided!


If you are not keen on spending a lot of cash, yet wanting to have good features, this double din is the best option for you!

It has a 6.2 inch LCD touch screen. The touch screen is very responsive and easy to use. Just like the flagship double dins, this one is packed with USB, DVD- Reader, Bluetooth, SD card reader and FM.

It handles all the common audio and video formats well. The sound quality is the main feature in this product. Calling on this device is clear and easy to use!

To spice things up, BOSS has made it possible to connect to Spotify! You also have an option to setup the controls on the steering wheel and install a rear-viewing camera.

Selecting one might be difficult, as each has a unique key feature. Select the one that has your required features and you won’t miss out on much. But nevertheless, you won’t be disappointed with your choice!

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