The Best Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

Why Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

ProTeam 103242If you want to find best vacuum for pet hair, there are quite a few reasons why people continue to repose their confidence in backpack vacuum cleaners. First and foremost they are very lightweight and even the really good ones would weigh only around 10 lbs. Further, they are also well known for their excellent cleaning power because of the presence of four levels of filtration. When these machines are used in combination with micro filtering techniques they certainly can provide the best cleaning that money perhaps can buy.

In this particular article, we will be looking at a few brands of backpack vacuum cleaners that have caught the imagination of customers across the country. We will look at some important features in our quest to know more about these brands of vacuum cleaners.

1)     ProTeam 103242 Sierra Backpack Vacuum Cleaner With Comm

 Amongst the various features that set apart this vacuum cleaner from the others, a few worth mention are as follows:

It comes with 1-1/2 tool kit, hose and also a power nozzle powerhead that is electrically operated.

  • It has an 8.3 amp motor and has a power of 928 watt.
  • It has around 95 CFM and also comes with a 92” static lift.
  • The power nozzle uses a unique geared belt system which offers excellent functionality.
  • The best thing about this vacuum cleaner is that it comes with a 2 year warranty for the vacuum cleaning capability and 1 year warranty for the tools and accessories.
  • Priced at around $596, it is a bit costly but delivers on its promise.

2)     Hoover C2401 Shoulder Vac Pro Commercial Back Pack Vacuum with 1-1/2 inch Attachment Kit

ProTeam 103242 Of the various features which make this backpack vacuum cleaner very special is the fact that it has a transparent dome lid which enables the user to find out the amount of debris and dust that has been collected.

  • It has the capacity to clean almost around 6.4 quarts of debris and dust.
  • It is very ergo dynamically designed making it easier to carry around to almost all parts of the home.
  • The HEPA filtration facility available enables removal of health-risk components in the air which may cause asthma, bronchial diseases and certain types of skin disease.
  • It weighs only around 9.2 pounds making it easy to be carried around.
  • It comes with a price tag of around $380 when bought from Amazon.

3)     Rubbermaid Commercial 9VBP10 10 Quart Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

 This brand of back vacuum cleaner has a 10-quart debris collecting chamber and is perhaps one of the biggest as far as debris collecting chamber is concerned.Rubbermaid Commercial 9VBP10

  • It has some standards fixtures and tools, especially the flexible vacuum hose.
  • It also comes with extension wands made from aluminum, floor nozzle, crevice tool and a few other attachments.
  • It has the standard four filtration stages which ensure complete cleaning of the various surfaces where it is used.
  • It has a CRI Green Label Certificate indicating good air quality once this vacuum is used.
  • It is relatively well priced at around $240 when you purchase it from


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