Are there any earbuds that can be used while running?

Sennheiser 685The modern day life is busy. So, entertainment should be a part of life, in order to keep up with the daily pressure. In this way, your mind is always refreshed and relaxed. In this regard, music is something that makes your monotonous life relaxing.

If you are a music lover, you might want to listen to music while playing outdoor games or performing workouts. Also, music often turns out be the workout booster, thus giving you much-needed energy. These days, earbuds are specially designed for only those who like to listen to music while playing or even performing workouts. Such earbuds are not only easy to use but also have some special characteristics. Here is the list of best headphones under 100$ in the market.

Some special earbuds used while working

Nowadays, various manufacturers are available that offer some exclusive earbuds. Such earbuds offer you an amazing experience of listening to music in the time of the workout. In the early morning, you can easily refresh your mood while jogging or even workout. Such types of earbuds are-

Sennheiser CX 685 Adidas – The most attractive characteristic of this earbud is its balanced sound. What does it mean? It means that you can experience the sound of a song at a moderate speed. It is designed very well so that you can feel comfort while using it. So, it is an appropriate earbud for workouts. Along with such all eye-catching features, this earbud comes with an affordable price rate.

Zipbuds SLIDE Sport – From its name it is clear that there is a mechanism of zipping. There is no hassle of tangling wires. So, you do not require wasting time to try and sort it. Using zip, you can easily sort it and keep it in your pocket or bag. It is available in eye-catching looks. Apart from that, it easily fits in your ears. Due to its special shape, it does create pressure in your ears. So, it is really comfortable. As it is made up of silicon, it is very easy to wash. So, it is a great earbud that can be used.

JayBird BlueBuds X Sport – This earbud can be easily set up. By pressing a single button, you can easily operate its overall functions. It has Bluetooth that can be easily connected with other devices such as Windows and Android smartphones. This model is also popular due to its low weight. Apart from that, it is durable.

Jaybird Bluebuds X Sport

Powerbeats 2 – This model is widely sold because it is fully safe. Sometimes, if you use headphones while walking or cycling on the road then an accident may happen. Common earbuds stop all sounds that come from your surroundings. So, you cannot hear the horn of a car and face accident. But, Powerbeats 2 do not stop the full sound. This is why you are able to hear any type of alarm or horn along with the amazing music you’re actually listening to. It requires less than fifteen minutes for being fully charged. Once it is charged, you can enjoy listening to music for a couple of hours. The product also carries a warranty. It comfortably fits in your ears.

Powerbeats 2

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