A guide to buying portable CD playersbest portable cd player

Most of the people in this world nowadays lead a very hectic life. In this busy schedule, it is only good music that keeps your mind fresh and helps you to make your mood jolly. Though mobile phones, speakers, Bluetooth, etc. have completely taken our lives in control, but owning a portable CD player is still in vogue. A high quality sound is offered by a portable CD player. Here is a list of best portable CD players available in the market.

Wrcibo Slim Personal CD Player

Wrcibo Slim Personal CD Player

Great sound, affordable price and impressive design are some of the features of this portable CD player. Its portability is enhanced due to its sleek and compact palm size design. Anti-shock and electric skip protection features are adopted by it. It can easily be carried anywhere, either in your hand or in your bag. All types of CD records like CDRs, MP3, WMA, CDs and CDRWs are played due to its wide CD compatibility feature. Your CD mix can be created or burned anytime and anywhere. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes with ear protection design, an AC adapter and a pair of stereo earbuds.

Insignia Portable CD Player

It is one of the most user-friendly and affordable portable CD players with many good features. It comes at an extremely low price. Audios from any CD-RW, CD-R and CD disc format can be produced by it. It features a system with up to 1 minute of skip protection. An electric adapter and a pair of back-of-the-head headphones are also included. It produces excellent quality of sound. It is available with a standard one-year warranty. Its speaker can be paired with your tablet or smart phone via Bluetooth.

Sony D-NE319

Sony D-NE319

AA batteries used in this portable CD player functions up to 41 hours with a very long battery life. Almost 500 songs from a CD-R/RW ATRAAC3plus format disc can be played by it. Sony’s music store can be accessed as well. Smooth and deep bass tones are guaranteed by the Digital Mega Bass processor. 18 play modes and the software “SonicStage CD-burning” are also included. It is available with a set of MDR-027LP Stereo Headphones.


A variety of formats like CD, CDR, MP3, WMA and CDRW are supported by this portable compact CD player. It comes at an affordable price. A set of stereo ear buds is included. It features 5 sound effects, great LCD display and 4 playback modes.

Philips AX5211

It is a slim and attractive portable CD player with lots of great features. It comes with a 45 second electronic built-in skip protection to ensure you uninterrupted music. A single set of battery functions up to 30 hours. Playing of CDs, CDRs and CDRWs are supported by it. A digital dynamic bass boost is also included by it.

Thus, these are the top 5 best portable CD players available in the market that will help to enhance your musical experience.

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