A great sump pump from the house of Zoeller

ZOELLER M53 sump pump

ZOELLER M53 sump pump

A sump pump is actually a submersible pump that uses a hermetically sealed motor to pump fluid while being submerged into the fluid itself. Sump pumps are used in various applications starting from small scale domestic applications to large scale industrial applications. Domestically sump pumps are primarily used to remove accumulated water from the flooded basement. The basement of your household can get flooded due to various reasons. Heavy rain in your area or leakage in your waterproofing system or pipelines can cause flooding in your basement. If the groundwater level in your surrounding area is higher than the level of your basement, then it is even more likely that your basement will get flooded.

Sump pumps help you to keep your basement from damages due to the accumulation of water inside it. Accumulated water inside your basement not only damages your house but also damages the things, furniture present in the basement and makes it unhealthy and unsuitable to be used. So, the sump pump is a must have if your house has a basement to keep it dry, healthy and suitable for use. The Zoeller m53 sump pump is an excellent sump pump produced by the Zoeller. In this article, we have reviewed this sump pump briefly to let you know more about this.

The whole body of this sump pump is made of durable cast iron to keep it safe from heavy flow of water. The cast iron surface is coated with a layer of epoxy to make it corrosion free, increasing the durability of the structure. Intricate internal parts of this pump generate heat while in operation, and that heat is quite smoothly dissipated through the cast iron body to ensure the longevity of the internal parts. Moreover, the 1/3 HP powered motor consists of an overheating switch to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged due to overheating. The motor is sealed inside a casing made of ceramic and carbon made material to ensure its safety and to eliminate the spillage of lubricant oil used inside it.

The power cord of this sump pump unit is long enough for the smooth operation. The 1/3 HP powered motor spins the impeller at 1550 RPM making its operation quicker compared to its rival products. The cast iron made impeller operating at high speed easily grinds small stones and converts them into dust quite easily. However, this very sump pump unit also gives you a choice to buy one with plastic impellers instead of cast iron impellers. Moreover, it comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty to give you complete peace of mind. However, this sump pump is known to get clogged with debris sometimes. You should check and clear if it suddenly stops working.

So, this sump pump unit is an excellent device with great value for money. The build quality of this sump pump is superb, hence making it a very durable product. The reliability of this Zoeller manufactured sump pump unit makes it one of the best sump pump unit available in the market nowadays.

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